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Chile Region

Styropek Chile is part of Styropek Group, the largest EPS manufacturer in America.

Products for Building, Packaging and Thermal Insulation applications.

Serve nationwide.

Technical Support for our customers.

Our Commitment


Styropek EPS is the leader in the EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) industry and the largest EPS producer in the American Continent.

Our commitment is to provide high quality products, exceptional customer service and high value technical support to our customers.


Styropek is a social responsible company committed to meet local & international standards regarding our operations, products and services.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Styropek is a petrochemical company, where all partners are committed to the principles of safety, health, environmental protection and quality improvement according to:


  • Styropek’s Values and Code of Conduct
  • Providing products and services with the quality required by our customers, to comply  with regulations and applicable laws
  • Continuous improvement in our processes and risk analysis to achieve entrepreneurial excellence


Through the active collaboration of all interested parties to achieve our objectives:


  • Zero accidents
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sustainability


Strategies for the implementation of this policy will be carried out based on the requirements defined by:


  • National government regulations
  • Responsible Care / Responsible behavior
  • ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  • Best manufacturing practices


José Luis Zepeda Peña


         July, 2017

Our Mission

  • Identify, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers by providing excellent service and innovative solutions.
  • Comprehensive development of our personnel, with a high degree of effective communication and social responsibility.
  • Optimize the product portfolio in profitable and strategic markets.
  • Promote best practices in operation, administration and sales with an emphasis on cost, as well as the optimal use of resources and care for the environment.
  • Promote innovation and the generation of new sustainable business opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a company that within a context of growth and development for its personnel:

  • To be identified by our clients as the best choice in quality and service.
  • To be the most competitive company in the strategic markets it operates in.
  • To generate profits that meet the expectations of shareholders.
  • To be a market leader and achieve sustainable development, being recognized for our social responsibility and commitment to the environment.


Production of EPS in Concón Provincia de Valparaíso

Administrative Office

Vicente López, Buenos Aires



Styropek products are produced in Concón (Valparaíso).


Our administrative office is located in Vicente Lopez (Buenos Aires).